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The Kaufman Hall Merger Integration Conference provides M&A professionals with a one-stop location to learn, develop and implement best practices for getting through the crucial phases of the deal, including the business case the transition and execution. From learn the facts here now creating a strong partnership business case through closing and inception, this comprehensive conference covers everything needed to ensure a successful merger integration.

The path to smooth M&A integration can be difficult. The rough terrain is often a surprise to those who don’t anticipate the process to be straightforward. It’s not just the speed bumps that cause problems–it’s the muddy, rutted stretches that can ruin an M&A deal altogether.

M&A requires a lot of planning and coordination. From creating a strong M&A thesis with the sponsoring organization to creating a strong M&A Project Plan for the desired target, M&A takes a lot of coordination. This course is designed for M&A executives in their own organizations or for consultants who work with clients. It will help you understand how to connect strategy and integration planning as well as design during the transaction, due-diligence, and negotiation stages to identify realistic costs, functional synergies, and cost savings for your target.

A well-run M&A project management office is the backbone of an efficient integration. Learn how to form an effective team, establish the appropriate amount of governance, and create charters to help your human resource as well as finance, information technology and legal and communications teams define their scope of work. Clarity is the key to M&A success. You can speed up your progress if you follow these five areas of concentration.